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Delivery within 4 hours from harvest

Get your delivery to door step with 4 hours from harvest

Soil-Less farming

Soil-less farming: the future of agriculture Fertile soil is disappearing fast because of climate change and intensive farming, just as the world needs to feed more people. Hydroponics, or soil-less farming, may change the face of agriculture by providing a more sustainable and productive alternative to traditional cultivation.

Pesticide & Chemical Free grown veggies

Have Chemical free Vegetables. Start consuming vegetables grown with GREEN TECHNOLOGY and improve your immunity and health.


Easy And Perfect Solution

Hydroponics isn’t easy per se, but it is simple. This is not just theory; it’s the feedback we’ve received from our farmers. Maybe the most exciting part about hydroponics is unlike traditional farming, you don’t need generational knowledge and loads of capital to get started. Most larger commodity crop farms in the India today are a product of a family business. And even if you have the capital and want to start a smaller farm, you have to apprentice at an established farm for several years to learn the seasonality of farming, because after all, it’s a complex business. This kind of specialized knowledge is not readily available to people nor is it always practical to obtain it.

Insert hydroponic farming. What we love about it so much is how our clients have made farming a family affair, because even the kids can get into this. None of our clients have previously farmed using hydroponics and many haven’t ever farmed or grown much of anything at all. And yet, to reiterate, growing produce hydroponically isn’t a difficult endeavor when you’re working in a controlled and automated environment. And another major bonus, it only takes about 12-15 hours per week to operate one of our Containerized Growing Systems (CGS) or Indoor Farming Technique. We always tell people to plan for 20 hours to start with and in a few months, your efficiency will improve. We supply all of our clients with everything needed to get started in hydroponic farming. This includes system installation, team and operator training, consumables and growing supplies, ongoing support and maintenance.

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